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Shit Head Hat

There's nothing subtle about the Shit Head Hat. Not only does it say SHITHEAD in big, bold letters. But, just in case the message isn't clear enough, there's a chunky pile of s...

Pet Cock

Anyone can have a pet dog or cat or hamster, but here's an opportunity to own a truly unique pet -- A Pet Cock! That's right, squire! Now you can adopt an adorable little penis to...

Right To Choose Doll

Hey, kids! Americas most controversial issue is now an exciting new toy! Brace yourself for the one-and-only Right To Choose Doll This...

Pet Cock
Pet Cock

The Wine Rack

Tired of paying $9 for a beer at the ball park? $10 for a glass of Chardonnay at the opera? Nowadays, if you want to get drunk it costs you an arm and a leg. So, what if your boobs...

Candy Bra

Hey, Ladies! Wanna look good enough to eat? Well you're guaranteed to get exactly that with this Candy Bra. Just take off whatever it is you're wearing and slip into something more...

Penis Gummies

A gift box bull of tasty, gummy penises.

Nose Pencil Sharpener

Ever have the desire to jam a pencil up your nose and sharpen it to a fine point? Up until now, this desire was just a distant fantasy (or a painful reality). But now you can exper...

Cigarette Donkey

Here's a terrific way to dispense your cigarettes -- The Cigarette Donkey. Just fill this little fells up with your favorite smokes. than, when you press his ears, a cigarette po...

Mr. Snot Tissues

You know those generic flower-print tissue boxes you've got in the guest room at home and on your desk at work? They're drab and uninspired. Put some of these fabulous tissue boxes...

Maxi-Pad Sticky Note

If your office memos aren't getting the attention they should, try using one of these Maxi-Pads Sticky Notes. Because they look like a woman's sanitary napkin, they're pretty diffi...

Candy Bra
Candy Bra
Other Stuff

Hillary Nutcracker

Sexist? Perhaps. Distasteful? Most definitely. Funny? Well, we think so. This is the Hillary Nutcracker. If you ever needed proof that Hillary Clinton was one tough broad, look no ...

Candy Saliva

Wouldn't it be great if your own saliva was candy flavored? Imagine that! Every swallow would be sweet and tasty even if you weren't eating anything. Well, that's probably not gonn...

Bill Clinton Corkscrew

Wine might be a classy drink, but here's the most classless device ever made to remove the cork. Meet The Bill Clinton Corkscrew! One look at the photos, and you'll get the idea. P...

OUR MISSION: The world (and internet)has plenty of stores offering sweet, attractive, pleasant gifts. offers something else -- The most tasteless things we can find.Yes, some of our items might be offensive, crude, and disgusting. Many are hard to find anywhere else. So look around and explore our tasteless world. Certainly there's SOMETHING tasteless you want to own.

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